Checkpoint Solutions

We focus on the optimisation of our customers’ business processes and competitive positions with advanced, customised security checkpoint solutions. Our aim is to ensure optimal baggage and passenger flow, as well as favourable aircraft turnaround times.

Our portfolio of reliable and efficient technology, integrated solutions and life-cycle services helps airports to:

  • facilitate more efficient security checks of passengers and cabin baggage with greater security and increased performance
  • deter potential insider threats whilst enhancing security and maintaining employee efficiency

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Hold Baggage Screening

Working in close cooperation with experts from Smiths Detection, our team helps home airports make а smooth transition to Standard 3 EDS by defining the process parameters, technology requirements, and thoroughly planning every step in full compliance with existing legislation.

Depending on the airport’s operational hours, the overall capacity of the Standard 3 system and uptime requirements, IDS provides a variety of support and maintenance solutions, including 24/7/365 full service agreements with certified personnel ensuring the highest operational availability of the new Standard 3 equipment.

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Air Cargo and Air Mail Screening

Our products and solutions facilitate the efforts of air carriers, agents and consignors responsible for screening air cargo and air mail in the aviation industry:

  • consultation and development of a customised solution for screening equipment in accordance with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 on-site
  • training for your screeners to efficiently operate your equipment and carry out security controls and screening of air cargo and air mail
  • regularly tested and maintained equipment, as prescribed in your cargo security programme

View relevant products at Smiths Detection and CEIA.