Installation & Commissioning
Our proficient service technicians and engineers ensure your equipment operates in compliance with all operational, security, and safety standards and requirements whilst performing all necessary activities on-site aimed to install, commission, test and put into operation the delivered equipment in accordance with the documentation and contractual obligations.

Our technical team performs site acceptance tests in the presence of the customer and signs the related site acceptance test protocols in order to confirm that the equipment complies with the technical specifications.

The radiation performances are validated by measuring the radiation dose leakage and entering the measured values in a radiation leakage protocol.

Training & Certification
To ensure the continuity of operational standards and the improved qualification of your operational staff enhancing their personal and professional development, we provide:

  • product training delivering comprehensive information and knowledge for the safe and efficient operation of your equipment
  • on-the-job training with individual adaptive computer-based training programmes and platforms, object recognition tests and learning systems … view relevant products at CASRA
  • pre-employment competency assessment and certification tests for screeners … view relevant products at CASRA

Maintenance & Service
To ensure your equipment continues to operate safely and performs according to specifications, our certified team provides:

  • preventive and corrective maintenance in line with the producers’ recommendations and equipment’s documentation
  • advanced and proven maintenance concepts throughout the entire life-cycle of your equipment

We offer customised maintenance programmes and flexible and scalable service level agreements with hotline support.

Life-cycle Management
Having a comprehensive, in depth understanding and vast experience, we provide a range of services covering our extensive portfolio tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

We develop and maintain business partnerships with our customers, supporting them with maintenance, updates, upgrades, reconfiguration management, refurbishment and services throughout the entire life-cycle of the equipment, to ensure that the equipment continues to operate and perform at maximum capacity and meets customers’ needs. Our life-cycle services are a key part of our full value proposition.

Flexible Rental Solutions
If you organize an event, your equipment is unavailable due to maintenance or service or in case of equipment shortage we can provide you with a practical, cost-effective and flexible alternative to purchase: We offer a selection of high-quality X-ray equipment and metal detectors for rental.

Our rental solutions include a full-service package: Our technical team will provide transport, installation, commissioning, operator training as well as maintenance and service for your rental equipment. Please contact us for an individual quotation tailored to your needs.

Research & Innovation
Having a passionate drive for continuous improvement and innovation, we use technology to develop smart solutions and service concepts aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership, increasing the reliability and availability of your equipment.

Our research and innovation team works in close cooperation with our customers, partners, universities and industry experts to solve complex puzzles and develop innovative smart solutions and service concepts.

Innovations are essential for us to develop and supply the specific solutions required by our customers.