With our broad range of solutions for the market sectors we operate in, we are able to contribute greatly to relevant European and Global strategies, policies and initiatives by supporting the work of the border and customs authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other front-line agents and security organisations to:

  • refine and enhance nuclear and radiological detection capabilities at a national level
  • detect, deter and combat illicit trafficking, nuclear terrorism, terrorist attacks and other security-related incidents
  • perform thorough and expeditious inspections and examinations of cargo, containers and vehicles
  • detect concealed contraband or undeclared cargo more efficiently and, thus, reduce revenue loss
  • protect national interests and the interests of the European Union

The increased internationalisation of rail transport in Europe and dominated by overland transportation international trade between neighbouring countries, generate heavy traffic at borders, delays, all of which conspire to increase the cost of trade and complicate the clearance of the goods.

Your benefits in working with us:

  • Secure and smooth transportation of goods by using non-intrusive technology for cargo control whilst keeping the integrity of the shipment.
  • Simplification of customs and border operations through lower rate of physical inspections and examinations.
  • Inspection of high risk containers and cargo quickly, without disrupting the flow of legitimate trade.

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